A downloadable game for Windows

Your planet is being invaded by hamburgers that shoot deadly pickles and whole pizza's that fire off pepperonis of doom.  You must kill as many as you can before ultimately dying a delicious death.

Left Mouse Click = Lasers - destroys things, except for deadly pickles and pepperonis of doom. Burgers are worth 10, Pizzas are worth 50 on Laser kills.

Right Mouse Click = Flame Shot - destroys things in one shot, including pickles... but at a cost!  Pepperonis don't care and will still doom things.  You get 0 score on anything the flame touches and lose 1 point per pickle torched.

Burgers and Pizza generate fireworks that may distract you over time.  Use Flame Shot when you are in a... pickle.

A million things still wrong, missing and couldn't figure out with the game, but it was a nice first attempt at a game!  Learned a lot of stuff and hopefully I'll try to continue or make something new in the future!


Burr In Space.exe 32 MB